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Richard Schloss:

Painting the Light

Exhibition at the Ventura Museum


Montecito Journal

November 2021

Everyone has a unique perspective and sees the world a little differently. For Richard “Rick” Schloss, it has always been about the light. Throughout his illustrious career of nearly 50 years, Rick has studied how the sun and natural light affect the atmosphere and colors of nature. 

Richard Schloss - A Lifetime of Painting The Light

Montecito Journal

April 2021

Summerland boasts an array of natural beauty. The landscape has long lured artists with paint, brush, and/or camera and Loon Point is a magical spot that almost went the way of development a few decades ago, if it hadn’t been for a few thoughtful artists in our region. 

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LUM Art Magazine

April 2021

In the 1970s, Richard Schloss found his niche as a landscape artist in Santa Barbara. Today, he continues to capture the sunny city he calls home as co-founder and artist-in-residence at Santa Barbara Fine Art Gallery...

Hope Ranch Living

February 2019

"As a boy in the 1960's, landscape artist Richard Schloss spent every summer and Christmas vacation visiting his grandparents in Hope Ranch. Richard's grandfather R.L. "Bob" Keyes was President of Aramco Oil and lived in Arabia for many years ...."

Santa Barbara News Press

"The fresh new free exhibit titled 'Treasures... recent gifts to the permanent collection' just opened at Santa Barbara Historical Museum. The Collection, curated by Dan Calderon, is a local story about..."

Scene Magazine

December 2017

"A keen, extracting observer and poetic voice in his chosen field, Richard Schloss belongs to a group of strong and personal landscape painters who have help define..."

VOICE Magazine

December 2017

"Like an oak, lively and coastal, Richard Schloss paints the environment with energy and skillful strokes, with more than 40 years of reflecting light on canvas behind him. An exhibition of his work ..."

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Montecito Journal

December 2017

"Each painter has an objective with his or her subject. Some explore form, line, and curve, while others seek an expression and interpretation of an object. For landscape and impressionist painter Richard Schloss, it has been..."

Outdoor Painter

April 1, 2018

"The art of Richard Schloss is featured in a one-man show titled 'The Miracle of Atmosphere' at Palm Loft Gallery (Carpinteria, California),... Get a quick dose of inspiration in this Q&A we shared regarding his atmospheric art..."

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Ventura County West

February 9, 2015

"If you are a landscape painter, artist, photographer or just an art aficionado who is in awe of light and how it affects your work, don't miss the opportunity to view Painting the Light: California Landscapes of Richard Schloss currently on display at..."