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About the Artist

Richard Schloss was born in 1953 in Fort Worth Texas, but worked and showed in Santa Barbara since 1972. He completed a Master of Fine Arts in Painting at UCSB in 1979 and a BA in Italian in 1981. He initially explored many different styles and mediums, but focused on painting outside in the landscape in 1976, which he continued to do exclusively until the mid 80s. Today, he continues to paint en plein air on small paintings, but does most of his work in the studio on large paintings. In 1980, he spent a year painting in Europe on an award-winning scholarship. In 1992, he was chosen to paint the diorama backgrounds for the Cartwright Interactions Hall of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. He has done numerous commissions for public spaces, including Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara Historical Museum and The Palo Alto Medical Foundation. In 2015, he was offered a large, one-man show at the Ventura Museum of Art. His work is included in four museums in the Central California area: the Santa Barbara Historical Society, Ridley Tree Museum, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and the Ventura Museum of Art. He has been a member of Santa Barbara's Oak Group since its inception in 1986. 

Today Richard lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife of 26 years, Julie, and 24 year old daughter. His son now lives in Idaho with his three children. Richard is represented by Santa Barbara Fine Art.